When Should You Give Up On A Workout?

It’s not true that over stressed workout would help you achieve your goal faster. It may cause some injuries internally which you might not be aware of. On the other side, less stress-full workouts would be more effective sometimes. How would you come to know that you should give up on a workout is described below:


Pain is the indication from your body that something is wrong over there and you need to do something for that. When you start a workout, you would feel some discomfort or pain in your body or that particular area you stretched, this is totally normal, and it’s called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It happens whenever you start workout after giving up, but this is only for few days after that your body muscles would get used to it. Meanwhile, if you feel it consistent for weeks, then this is the indicator that you need to give up because it might cause some internal damage.


You must feel exhausted after every stressful workout cause it is the sign of burning too many calories. Meanwhile, a glass of a protein shake after a workout would boost up your energy level, and you would feel more energetic and active. But if you still feel tired and exhaust even after getting your meal or sleep and nothing changes after few hours then this is again another indication that something is defiantly wrong on which you need to be work on.


Muscle stiffness is normal after workout cause it burns a lot of calories and you feel muscle stiffness, but if you feel stiffness in your joints and spine, it’s might an indication of joint damage. It may cause if you do over stressed workout, push yourself too hard and put a lot of pressure on one particular point it might occur. Either way, if you feel in your spine or joints for a long time then it would be an indication of some injury due to over stress or wrong position of your body.

Feelings of de-motivation

Sometimes it is very tough to push yourself for work out and hit that muscular pain again. The continues discouragement, over tiredness or depression while even thinking about the workout then this is the indication that your body needs to relax and beg you to ease up for a bit. In that case, you should be lenient to your body than pushing to do so. Make your workout more interesting in that case too and try new moves and make it fun so your mind would also get easy rather then you get depressed.

If you are ill, then you should not exercise. Other than that you should exercise each day. No need to go to the gym for exercise. You can do any moderate exercise like walking for 30 to 40 minutes. If you opt for vigorous exercise, then 15 to 20 minutes are more than enough. Muscles take time to learn how to relax via deep breathing. A little effort on this can also help you in controlling the stress.